Simon Sinek,  Start with why

Simon Sinek, Start with why

A tricky one to review

Can idea behind the book be separated from the writing itself? If yes, then we end up with a lot of filler and dumbed down and plainly wrong analysis. If not, then those about 20 pages of essence is worth every penny. 

The thing is: You can get that exact essence from Simon himself presenting in one of classic TED Talks here.

All in all: this is what happens when you try to make a full feature book from very simple, brilliant, but still simple, notion. Purpose comes first!

I recommend the talk - skip the book. 

J. Fried, D. Heinemeier Hansson,  Rework

J. Fried, D. Heinemeier Hansson, Rework

Old medium written in way we prone to consume media today

Every subsection has no more than 1.5 page. Some of them are half page long. Their disciplined writing does two things: 1. There is absolutely no filler. And I mean not even a paragraph 2. Reading through this book is lighting fast even though Jason and Davit put out great number of thought provoking ideas. 

And these ideas are truly remarkable. Simplifying apparent complexity of business and management. They put emphasis on how to build culture around efficient work.

This embracement of efficiency resonates very well with me. And if you intuitively think that there is something wrong with common knowledge of running start-ups and corporations this book is a must have. Also if you would like to start your own gig a just looking for some ideas to be more efficient.

Paul Arden,  It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be

Paul Arden, It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be

B-side notions from "Whatever you think, think opposite"

Heading sums it all. The great "Whatever you think, think the opposite" had to be edited and cut down in "mileage". And that is good practice with any book, by anyone. Those cut of notions, restated and remixed, I presume found their way to public through this sequel book. 

Ideas are more focused on creative and advertisement fields, so inherently the book itself can't be as universal. This further builds the feeling that the content isn't that good in comparison with the original.

All in all though, writing is fine, we get more of great notions, and for creative/advert professionals and passionates it is certainly a must-have. No matter the quirks.