What song are you? | How I was "Hate to say I told you so" by The Hives

Well, I was or Hate to say I told you so or maybe even more a Tick tick boom - both by The Hives.

IMO if we would play this game more seriously we can be simultaneously identified with few or more songs – depending on our mood, time of the day and quality of the day we’ve had. Add to this that we are ever-changing story and our behavior and views can travel on circles – Gosh, that’s a lot to consider, isn’t it? We can find that we’ve laughed at some particular jokes in our twenties and forties, but not in our thirties. Isn’t that weird and somehow… True?

From being Punk by Gorillaz to identifying with Ball and the biscuit by The White Stripes

Many of us could tell about ourselves that “being right” is or was for us very important at certain age – I know it was very much true for me. Rebellion was strong in me. The thing is: being a rebelling youngster is often like being a frog in slowly but steadily heated water. Everything seems to be normal until we’re really “hot” and angry. Then it came. The realization that I was not angry for any particular purpose, but I found purpose over purpose to rationalize the anger. Doesn’t it sound familiar?

So then, I would identify myself with rather mellow songs – you know, overcompensation kicked in. I was The xx the best Intro to any contemporary album. But this mellowness, for otherwise intense character, quickly transformed into more of I fought piranhas, bluesy The White Stripes.

Some aggression can be positive. A constructive drive for change

Some people cannot cope with their anger. But some thrive while being challenged, with daring, courageous, head on approach to problems they would like to solve. This is where being former Song 2 by Blur can provide the needed experience in driving the built in anger to ignite and inflate naturally calmer types of character with little Can’t stand it by The Greenhornes attitude to win for ourselves little Kashmir with Whole lotta love we deserve.

Przemek Kucia

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