How to produce great content | What we can learn from "#AskGaryVee"?

The thing is: Not everyone with something to say can immediately produce great content. Gary Vaynerchuck was, is, and in my opinion will be for quite some time, at the bleeding edge of giving value in form of great content.

Let’s watch it together!

Quite a ride, wasn’t it? Let’s break it down a little bit.

1.       This guy has something to say. No doubt!

Established confidence and authority just pours out of screen and speakers. Being comfortable with camera and speaking to audience in a way that mimics a real conversation is something best writers worked on for years. Some work on it intuitively, some train it consciously – no doubt it takes time to nail it.

Experience and expertise is more important than knowledge. You could listen to marketing specialist who could tell you same things as Gary, but Gary has established trust that he in fact has experience. He does not do “hypothetically speaking”.

2.       He respects the platform.

It is fast. It draws attention. It has an entertaining twist. Gary knows how we use YouTube and that we are not prone to interact as general audience. He wants YOU to be “Vayniac”, he provides sense of community in otherwise very general demographic. It is emphasized with conscious repetition.

The content flow is consistent. The format is consistent. The context within the format (such as presenting style, repetition of certain phrases) is… Consistent. It makes us comfortable. It creates a habit of checking out our subscription feed for new #AskGaryVee content.

3.       Production value is high.

Smartly edited. Look and see that even framing is dynamic. It feels almost anxious to “do something” the operating style. It is a show. No longer a YouTube vlog. Someone took the time beforehand and thought out carefully just how to shoot #AskGaryVee in this format with personality as Gary.

Przemek Kucia

So how do you like this little breakdown? Was it any useful?