Context: What does it means here?

If content is The King, then context should be The Queen. And we could go all sexist about which is more important, but in all honesty with your inner chauvinist or feminist, for The Kingdom to have perfect status you have to have both spot on.  

50 Shades of Context

Marketing specialists would say that context is the form factor in which content is put to work. Writers would argue that context could mean experience, knowledge and thought process through which the content is understood. All that make us capable of not only literal understanding but also.

In communication this is where style and substance come in. For the perfect impression you need both to work on par and consistently with each other. Where content of your communication is enhanced by the congruency with the form factor and could be well understood in the context of situation and mutually agreed convention.

In the end then, context and content are two beings that work only in symbiotic relationship.

Communication and fashion: Modern Public Relations

Comprehensive take on todays public relations should be very much into communicology with fashion and product management. So in here we will try and supply with just that – tips, tricks, theory and practice… and also look-books. All purpose driven and with effectiveness in mind. For your pleasure and inspiration. Is that cool with you?

Przemek Kucia