Vlogging equipment | From budgeting to shooting

There is variety options I did not considered properly before buying my equipment. The first thing to name is budgeting. I did not plan my budget. Almost at all. Dumb idea.


It would be perfect if you knew what effect you aim for, what quality is acceptable for you, what is your dream equipment choice etc.. This would be the perfect information for your decision. But, the fact is: if you have sort of that knowledge odds are you already have built several toolsets. The first thing you need to know you’ll certainly spend more many than you though you would. Because you need more equipment than you think and/or soon enough your standards will rise.

The best rule of thumb when comes to budgeting as a newbie in given field is to double it and add half. Seriously. Now I know how important in vlogging the audio is. I would say it is even more important than video – this would be our doubling factor. All the accessories from lighting to tripods to sd cards to bags to filters are the added half. The part of the equipment we did not cover yet is software and the computer you will use to edit all of your material into final product.

Smart choices

But let’s say you have a PC and you decided to stick with free software. Over the internets you’ve read that DSLR is pretty good choice. So you’ve mustered up your budget and like me want to go with EOS 700D (Rebel T5i). I went with this one because I of friends recommendation, I saw few youtubers recording with 600Ds or 650Ds, so I figured that to go with polished up new version. It has also one very important feature – rotating screen. You can flip it so you can frame properly without constant moving back and forth.

That’s a nice 750$ with version bundled with lens. So if you have, let’s say 1000$ budget it is too expensive. Yes’ you have nice camera, but without audio or accessories it’s hard to indie build yourself up to certain level. Nice video with bad audio is almost as unwatchable as bad video with bad audio – in practice still unwatchable.

I have this problem right now: I have fine video, but audio sucks big time, and every time want to shoot I need to DIY myself some problem solving tools (like enclosing camera in case built form books, so mic won’t record as much of noise besides my voice).

It may be the case for you too to consider: EOM M records pretty good video (I would say same as 700D) for half as much. Other half you could spend on audio recorder and the rest on tripod, sd cards, battery pack etc. And within the budget you could end up with very capable equipment to start and grow your podcast, vlog or whatever you like.

Przemek Kucia

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