I’m vlogging, video blogging or video podcasting!

Whatever you want to call it, I’m having great fun learning a ton of new stuff daily. I really think about releasing in one way or another an English version of the podcast, but even now I’m really pushing my time constraints. Especially my sleeping time suffers crushed between day job, learning about video production and producing content for the video blog.

Here is the story

I thought about a vlog for at least a year now. I consider blogging a way to stay in touch with my passion for communicology as well as way to improve my writing skills, time management, research etc. So through video podcasting I should be this much more developing – new skills, changing suits from the coaching side to practical side of communicating etc.

I fondled the idea and waited “for the right” time. As you probably know I think “there is no better time than now” to do whatever you’re passionate about. – Ok, Przemek – I thought – What do you need to make it acceptable quality? I did some research and Canon EOS 700D came across as very good DSLR for shooting podcasts. I got myself one, and without further due, I started with pilot episode to review what I need to improve before publishing. I knew the technical side of things will pose a challenge – greater until I learn how to extract as much as one can from the camera itself. Pre-production and post-production are not really challenging yet, but nevertheless time consuming. After releasing pilot/prototype and today the first episode – I clearly see what I need to improve to come the closest to best looking video podcasts on the web. Obviously, I have equipment cap, but I think there is a vast ocean of reserves in the camera itself and processes of pre, post and main production.

The plans

My priority now is to learn skills and find the point of balance between acceptable quality and time I’m putting into production. I need to feel fast and comfortable with the polish edition, build a prompter for me and then I can start shooting English version of the vlog.

Underneath is the first episode of the Polish version - I'm talking there about social proof mechanism and how we could use it to our advantage. 

It would be very helpful if you could provide me with some feedback - about video quality, audio, presentation, cuts, everything will be helpful.

Thanks for your attention and see you next time!