Emotional Intelligence. Think of their finish line first – execute sales

With IQ tests you can measure your capacity to unfold patterns, resolve logical problems etc. But that capacity is only a part of Intelligence itself. There is a whole other usage for general intelligence in social life.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to track emotions in others and ourselves. To label them correctly and use those information to guide thinking and acting. It correlates with such terms as empathy, social skills, ability to motivate and being self-aware.

Want to sell?  Better be emotionally savvy

The best sales people are in fact the best people in the world. Above average through average to worst sales people can be also the worst people in the world. There are two differentiating factors: a) being true to your word; b) being emotionally intelligent. Best salesmen represent both.

While being true to your word is a moral dilemma, being socially savvy is a matter of talent and skill. You can learn how to read body language, facial expressions, hear changes of voice and tempo of speech, proxemics, chronemics etc.. With some talent you can also execute great pitch for whatever your selling (product, service or idea) adopted to whatever circumstances you face.

But to be amongst THE best you have to incorporate both – being your word and executing your word. This is when this elegant mental shortcut comes – Think of their finish line first. If you think of your finish line first (to close quickly) you’ll get some results. Maybe even above average results. But it is a short term tactic. You’ll be acquiring new customers and go for one time sell. Think of their finish line first and your start will be more sluggish, but as snowball, your revenue will grow with time gradually. This is because of customers who come back and create your “word of mouth equity”.

So to be the top tier salesman – think of their finish line as far ahead as you can afford it.

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Przemek Kucia