Praise of bravado

Supposedly, rationality contains lot of caution and carefulness. When we cross the magic line of our age of reason, or we misunderstood the intellectual discipline - we can end up losing our passionate bravado.

Let's state it once and for all – it is rational to take risks. I could bore you with logical explanation. It would contain a lot of game theory examples (like prisoner dilemma which you probably know or can easily google up). Instead I'll tell you this: Those cautious, “rational” decisions may eventually got you to the success you want. True, but it will be only a reasonable amount of success o.O

No one is able to get rid of uncertainty and risk from life. On the other side, bravado can make you very poor if not even killed in the process. But, at the end of the day, all of innovation, most of the success and admiration comes not from aligning to the world but from constant trying to align the reality to us.

I heard once that old golf players don't win. They can put the ball as far and precise as young players. Also they may know the field better. But with all the experience they become cautious and self-aware. Young players don't realize or don't care about possible mistakes, so they take the chances. In my personal opinion – competence and bravado is the hottest couple in image creation. Paired just beautifully.

Sometimes in social situations you just have to be like Yves Klein. Take the leap to the void (and give your camera to someone else), praise your bravado and try something new. Even if you will crash and burn, wouldn't you feel as bad knowing that you just not taken the chance? Also, the learnings are tremendous.

Przemek Kucia