Budgeting your local elections campaign in Poland

It is full blown campaign for local government elections in Poland as I write those words. The thing is that “our political culture” is a little… Peculiar. 

There is a heap of procedures that were meant to restrain cash absorbent campaigns. Obviously those are just super easy to bypass. Yet because of old-school market game budgeting needs a bit more subtlety than blunt “pump the cash approach”. Let us focus on practice then.

You see, being a part of local council for instance is not the direct way to earn a lot. It is more like a being a part of certain club for ladies and gentlemen (we would hope so) which is rich in opportunities and if you can leverage it will behave as trampoline. On average, council member can earn between 86 and 120k PLN in four years. So by no means it is a lot. That being said, being a council member is not that time consuming, so it just asks for income diversification.

There is a great information in that last paragraph: Weather you feel you should be defensive or offensive about your budget you should invest either 20 – 50% of that estimated four year council income or 40 – 80%. 

Things to consider while budgeting:

  •  Smart approach to stakes at hands
  •  Scalability of greater budget in given environment
  •  Your personal liabilities and financial situation
  •  Whether you’re hiring consultant or not
  •  Playing in “the offense” or “the defense”
  • Your personal goals attached to that particular elections

Offensive strategy is, in my opinion, more reliable: First of all, you don’t have to spend all that money, but this prepared amount gives you flexibility and peace of mind when you adapt to fast paced elections environment. You can hire specialist that will make sure that your money is efficiently spent, your publicity is properly managed, and that you’re focusing on correct implementation of strategy. And last but not least – outspending your competition never was and never will be inherently incorrect approach. 

Przemek Kucia